It is organized for charitable, educational, cultural and civic purposes and it is a

non-partisan and non-sectarian organization.

Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief Fund

The Círculo de Puerto Rico, Inc. (CPRI) joined forces with distinguished members of our community and organizations in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) to raise funds to assist the earthquakes victims in Puerto Rico.  The CPRI - Puerto Rico Earthquakes Relief Committee is composed by Tomás Esterrich, CPRI Director; Miriam Esterrich, CPRI Member; Elda Devarie, Bags of Love Director; Katina Rojas Joy; Pedro Biaggi; Nydia Ocasio; and Mariel Ocasio, CPRI President (ex-officio member).

CPRI opened a separate bank account to receive and account for donations from individuals and organizations desiring to help the earthquakes victims in Puerto Rico.  CPRI is a not for profit and tax exempt organization registered under Federal, Virginia and Puerto Rico tax codes.

the For more information, please contact Tomás Esterrich, telephone 703-582-8947, or via email at



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