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It is organized for charitable, educational, cultural and civic purposes and it is a

non-partisan and non-sectarian organization.




Circulo de Puerto Rico, Inc.

6203 Paulonia Road

Alexandria, VA 22310


On Sunday September 18, 2022 Puerto Rico was hit, once again, by hurricane Fiona and el Circulo de Puerto Rico, Inc. (CPRI) has joined forces with Bags of Love, Inc. (BOL) to help our island once again. BOL is a non-profit organization very active in the DMV that was crucial collecting and sending supplies to Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria, to help, they made sure that the help and supplies collected were sent into the right hands in Puerto Rico, for which we are very grateful!   


CPRI, Bags of Love for Puerto Rico, community advocates, and volunteers from all over the United States and Puerto Rico have joined efforts to raise funds to support families in Puerto Rico and need our help through our #DMV4PR, Diáspora Mejorando Vidas en Puerto Rico project.   One of our priorities is to provide drinking water and expand a kitchen established in an abandoned school in Adjuntas by el Consejo Comunitario de la Altura (CCA), which is currently serving one hot meal a day to those in need.  We are also working on finding ways to assist families in need of clean and fresh clothes.

Consejo Comunitario de la Altura (CCA), serves several barrios and about 250 families in north Ponce and south Adjuntas. Formed in the aftermath of Maria and run solely by volunteers, the organization has made significant contributions to the health and well-being of our community. As part of VAMOS PR, they belong to a network of grassroots organizations working to help our communities and each other. This appeal is specifically on behalf of a few, small organizations which, like CCA, operate in very isolated and impoverished areas of the central mountain region, the hardest hit by Maria and the least assisted by the government.

CPRI will be working on a number of fundraising activities and will appreciate your support in this effort.  A separate bank account has been opened to receive and account for donations from individuals and organizations desiring to help in this effort.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and it will make a difference! Please consider making a tax-free donation.


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