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It is organized for charitable, educational, cultural and civic purposes and it is a

non-partisan and non-sectarian organization.


Become a Member

The membership to the Círculo de Puerto Rico, Inc. (CPRI) is open to all those who subscribe to the purposes listed in Article III, Section 1 of the CPRI By-Laws, dated September 24, 2017 as amended.  Membership to the CPRI requires submitting

information as requested and required in the membership application form.  


Members 18 years and older who have paid their annual membership dues (members in good standing) shall have a right to vote in the election of CPRI’s Board of Directors, officers, administrator or other designees for the year in which such member has paid his/her dues.  The annual membership dues are $25.00 for the period January to December.  Any member joining in any month of the year will pay the dues for the entire current year. There is no proration of dues and there are no refunds of dues.  The nominal $25.00 dues are assessed to cover general administration expenses, such as state corporate registration, website (including domain registration), insurance, supplies, postage and any other administrative expenses approved by the CPRI Board of Directors.


All of our subscribers will receive invitations to all the activities and events hosted by CPRI.  However, only members in good standing will be eligible for membership discounts offered by CPRI to some activities and events, as well as the CPRI membership pin or other CPRI goodies.

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